Gorilla Medicine

Gorilla Medicine

Gorilla Medicine
Wildlife veterinarians work with their African partners to protect the endangered animals

Gorilla Medicine : Wildlife veterinarians work with their African partners to protect the endangered animals.                                                                                           Only about 900 mountain gorillas—the animals protected by Dian Fossey of Gorillas in the Mist fame—remain in the wild. But the few will probably “be just fine,” largely because veterinary care is now a mainstay Continue reading

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12 year old habituated gorilla killed.

Habituating great apes does not come without its risks. While the aim is to allow humans to observe the animals in their own environment, it does open the apes up to dangers that they would not normally be exposed to

Poachers Kill Habituated Gorilla In Central Africa

Sosa was a male western lowland gorilla of the Mayele group found in the Dzanga Sangha protected areas in the Central African Republic. He was the son of Mayele the leader and silver back of the group. The group is one of the three habituated groups in Dzanga Continue reading

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April/May/2014 Gorilla tracking from 715USD.

Gorilla Permits were increased this year from 500USD as of a31st/December/2013 TO 600USD as of 1st/January/2014.We have a promotion this April/May with Gorilla Permits at 350USD.  Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. And African Adventure Travellers will take you on a 3-Days Gorilla tracking safari this April/May from 715USD per person with one Gorilla Permit and all inclusive.

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