Big Birding Day 2013 Results

At the Big Birding Festival celebrated on 27th October 2013 at Kitante Hill Primary School, NatureUganda released the results of the Big Birding Day 2013. Continue reading

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The Big Birding Day 2103, Connecting People to Birds and Nature

Big Birdin Day Launch at the Uganda Museum

The Big Birding Day Launch at the Uganda Museum

Spearheaded by NatureUganda, the Big Birding Day is an annual bird watching contest where bird watchers, be it experienced, learners, or enthusiasts, register groups and each group selects a particular birding site in Uganda. Continue reading

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Total Solar Eclipse Uganda Experience

solar eclipseOn November 3rd 2013 the world is set to witness a natural phenomenon in the form of a solar eclipse. For starters, the solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, shielding the sun’s bright rays from the earth, either partially for the case of partial and annular eclipse or entirely in which case it’s a total seclipse. Continue reading

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