Florida – A great holiday destination‏

With the vast selection of fantastic European holiday destinations offering a broad range of activities, sites and services, it may be hard to imagine booking a holiday anywhere else! With travel also being fairly nice and quick within Europe, you may be asking yourself ‘is it worth travelling long distances to explore and experience somewhere else in the world?’ and of course, we would answer Absolutely!

When treating yourself and the family to a holiday, there’s nothing better than finding that special place that really makes your holiday a thing to remember. Discovering new locations and trying out new things can be magical and with a vast selection of places to choose from across the world, you will definitely be spoilt for choice when trying to make that oh-so-important decision!

Florida is a prime example of a fantastic destination to choose and one of the best in the whole of the United States! Located on the southeastern tip of the US, Florida is home to many magical sites and attractions, from simple beaches to the awe-inspiring Universal Studios theme park where you can feel a part of the movies by taking a ride on the many ‘into the movie’ rides where you will be able to experience some fun (and scary) experiences from some of the best movies ever made! Another great attraction that is both fun and educational is the Kennedy Space Centre, where you will be able to discover what is actually takes to become and astronaut and how they get into space! Which is an absolute must see! Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa Bay is also another must see, where you will also be able to view different selections of animals and watch the fantastic water shows! For the golf enthusiast, there is also an impressive selection of golf courses throughout Florida that will no doubt keep you entertained, but you may not have time to play them all!

With all of the brilliant attractions to visit, make sure you don’t forget to take it easy and chill out on one of the gorgeous beaches Florida has to offer. Miami beach is without a doubt one of the best beaches on offer and although it can get a little crowded during the spring break period, there will still be plenty of room for all to work on that tan and try out some of the very popular water sports including off shore diving, para gliding, snorkelling and jet skiing!

Florida really is an amazing destination to visit when planning your 2012 holiday, so to find out more and discover our fantastic holiday deals visit Sunmaster and book your break today!

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Adventure Travel Opportunities in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most amazing and geographically varied countries on the African continent. It features territory which ranges from the rolling, fertile plains of the high veld and the wide open savannah of the Eastern Transvaal to the vast Kalahari Desert and the peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains.

There are almost unlimited opportunities for adventure travel of many different types in South Africa including scuba diving, skydiving, white-water rafting, mountain-climbing and trekking. And with hotels in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Sandton being easy to reserve, it’s quite easy to make arrangements for a starting point.

While all of South Africa’s different regions offer many opportunities for adventure travel, the focus of adventure in South Africa is the safari which allows guests to encounter Africa’s untamed wildlife in its natural surrounding on unforgettable game drives.

South Africa is home to two of the world’s most renowned wildlife reserves, namely the Kruger National Park and the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. The Kalahari Gamsbok National Park is a narrow piece of land extending northward into the vast expanse of the Kalahari Desert. The Kalahari Gemsbok National Park is an area of rugged beauty, with shifting dunes, wide-open views, and great herds of springbok and gemsbok.

With South Africa’s excellent road and rail systems, its abundance of elegant and luxurious accommodations, and its bountiful farmlands and vineyards, this sub-Saharan African country allows visitors ample opportunity for more five star comfort along with adventuresome excitement.

South Africa is one of the best counties in the world for tourists to participate in adventure activities and to experience just what being alive is all about. Adventure activities, adventure sports and adventure tours are available for travellers all over South Africa. Visitors can choose activities which meet their desires including heart racing, mind reeling and stomach churning.

River trips range from mostly scenic to grade five whitewater rafting excursions. The art of canyoning – known as kloofing in South Africa – is another popular adventure activity.

Thousands of kilometres of hiking trails wind around the country in desert, forest, mountain or coastal terrain, many with mountain bike trails adjacent. There are wonderful easy horse trails through vineyards, on the beach or in the mountains and – for the more adventurous – horseback safaris are also available in big game country.

Adventures in South Africa

• Elephant Back Safaris
• Hot Air Balloon Safaris
• Abseiling
• Bungee jumping, bridge swinging
• Canoeing, rafting, kayaking
• Deep Sea Fishing
• Hiking
• Horseback safaris and trails
• Mountain biking
• Paragliding
• Rock climbing
• Scuba diving
• Skydiving
• Sport & recreational flying
• Surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing

Safaris in the Kruger National Park, South Africa

Stretching over 350 miles from north to south, and teeming with wildlife, the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa is justly rated as one of the world’s finest game reserves. The Kruger National Park is home to more species of wildlife than any other game sanctuary on the African continent, and is one of Africa’s few remaining havens for big cats including cheetahs, leopards and lions. Furthermore, substantial numbers of elephant, buffalo, zebra, rhino, giraffe, hippopotamus, impala, and kudu can be observed here in their natural habitat.

The Kruger National Park is also an outstanding destination for birdwatchers, offering a scarcely believable diversity and abundance of species.

Safaris in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, South Africa

More remote and rugged than the Kruger National Park, the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park is situated at the southern extremity of one of the world’s great desert regions – the Kalahari. Despite the relative absence of lush vegetation, this national park abounds in wildife, including amazing large herds of springbok, gemsbok, eland, and wildebeest. Unsurprisingly, these herds also attract another expected visitor: the Kalahari lion.
Visitors to the Kalahari in South Africa have to do without the luxurious accommodations which the Kruger National Park and its adjacent game reserves have to offer, but for the hardier traveller the Kalahari Gemsbok can be a destination of unparalleled grandeur.

Canoeing the Orange River in South Africa

The great Orange River originates in the Lesotho highlands, where it begins a long, meandering sweep westward across the centre of South Africa. By the time the Orange River reaches the Atlantic Ocean on the Namibian border it has travelled a staggering 2,340 kilometres. Wide and gentle, with just enough rapids to get the heart beating, this river in South Africa is ideal for canoe safaris.

The most popular area for canoe safaris on the Orange River is the Northwest, where the river wends through the sere realms of Bushmanland. The banks of the Orange river, however, are typically lush, a magnificent oases for viewing birds and game.

Camel Safaris in South Africa

Though camel travel invariably brings to mind desert visions of Arabia, North Africa, and Asia, it is increasingly becoming a popular safari alternative in South Africa.

There are two unique desert environments which are suitable for camel safari’s in South Africa namely the Kalahari and the Bushmanland. While the Kalahari offers a more duned landscape, Bushmanland is semi-arid and pierced by the Orange River. Both these scenic regions are abundant in game and wildlife.

Walking Safaris at the Ngala Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Ngala, meaning “Lion” in Shangaan, offers incredible opportunities to see several prides of lion in the wild, freely roaming this spectacular game reserve in the Kruger National Park.

The Ngala Private Game Reserve is a sanctuary for Africa’s wildlife treasures with ample opportunity to see incredible animals such as elephants, white rhino, giraffe, buffalo and spotted hyena. Visitors have the unique opportunity to witness the wild at night on an adventure packed game drive under the stars, tracking cheetah and the African wild dog, amongst others. Guests staying at the Ngala Game Reserve may also participate in the exciting Walking Safaris with professional trackers.

Romance and wilderness under the stars at Ngala Tented Camp makes for an exciting wildlife safari adventure. Flickering lanterns, starlit skies, and the sounds of the animals around you is flawlessly combined with sophisticated elegance.

This article was a guest post written by of South African Hotels.com

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How to Avoid Bedbugs When On a Safari

A safari is one of the most exciting adventures in the world, and people lucky enough to experience one, never forget the sights and sounds. However, with the worldwide bedbug epidemic, it may be best to get some precautionary facts about these microscopic pests before leaving home. This will help to ensure that you do not suffer unnecessarily while traveling and that you do not bring any unwanted guests home to share your own residence. Although even trained professionals sometimes have trouble eradicating these tiny bugs, the hints given below should lessen the odds that they will make your safari a less than memorable experience:

Precautionary Actions

Because bedbugs prefer fabrics and darkness, they often set up shop in carpeting, the seams of curtains, the edges of mattresses, and the hems of sheets and coverlets. While nothing is foolproof, taking the following precautions should help:

• Pack sets of daily clothing and extra shoes in separate plastic bags.

• Place a plastic garbage bag on upholstered train, bus, or plane seats before sitting.

• Keep your purse in your lap when travelling.

• Never set suitcases on hotel floors or beds; use a luggage rack at all times when one is available.

• Check a hotel room carefully before accepting a room, inspecting the common areas for brown or red spots, the most easily seen evidence of
bedbug trouble.

• Change clothes in bathrooms or other areas without carpeting.

• Place a plastic bag on any upholstered chairs before sitting.

• Pack a bottle of calamine lotion and a small tube of an anti-itch cream in case you are bitten.

All of these chores might seem a little onerous, but they should reduce the risk of bedbugs changing your wonderful journey into an itchy, exasperating

Preventative Actions

Even if these actions work and you avoid being bitten by bedbugs while on the safari, it is best to remain in the defensive mode after you return home. These tips will help keep any bedbugs that have managed to attach themselves to your belongings during the safari from finding a new home at your dwelling:

• Store the suitcases in an outbuilding for a while.

• Take all clothing straight to the freezer or dryer, whichever is more appropriate as prolonged heat or freezing can kill bedbugs and eggs.

• Place tape that is sticky on both sides around the bedposts for a while after you return home.

• Have an exterminator do a professional check a month after your trip to look for signs of a bedbug invasion is probably not a bad idea.

Bedbug bites will usually result in an unsightly patch of red spots on the skin and some itching that might drive you crazy; otherwise, these bites are rarely dangerous. Being proactive both before and after your trip could prevent more extensive measures from having to be taken once the bedbugs set up shop in your house.

This is a guest post from Karen Barnes. Karen writes for www.bedbugs.org, where you can see bedbug rash pictures and get practical
advice on how to deal with these irritating pests.

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