1 Day Ngamba Island chimp tour with chimpanzee feeding adventure

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$130 pp

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Safari Vehicle - Overland Vehicle, Mini Bus

Ngamba Chimpanzee Island Experience with a visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Zoo)

1 Day Ngamba Island chimp tour with chimpanzee feeding adventure transfers you to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a home to about 49 orphaned chimpanzees. This chimp experience targets the most exciting time, that is, their pre-arranged feeding times at 11:00 am and 2:30 pm. You can choose either a half day experience targeting only one of the two feeding times OR you could choose to spend a full day at the Chimpanzee sanctuary and enjoy the two feeding times. After the chimps experience, next is a visit to the Uganda Zoo (Uganda Wildlife Education Centre) to see the composition of Uganda's wildlife.

Highlights for the 1 Day Ngamba Island chimp tour with chimpanzee feeding adventure

  • Boat trip to Ngamba Island
  • Chimpanzee Experience e.g feeding
  • Bird watching
  • Visit the Uganda Zoo

Price per person for different numbers of people.

Number of people against price per person 2 - $160 pp 3 - $145 pp 4 - $140 pp 5 - $138 pp 6 - $130 pp 7 - $130 pp 8 - $130 pp 9 - $130 pp

Itinerary for your 1 Day Chimpanzee tour to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Have early breakfast and prepare for pick-up from your hotel / residence or preferred pick-up point. If you are looking to do the half day experience, the morning session (targeting the 11:00 am feeding time) pick-up is at 8:00 am. The afternoon session (targeting the 2:30 pm feeding time) pick-up is at 11:00 am. For the full-day experience, pick-up is at 8:00 am.

Drive to Entebbe and get to the shores of Lake Victoria. Get on to the Ngamba Island speedboat for a one hour ride on the world's second largest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria. The captain shall point out when you are crossing the Equator.

On getting to Ngamba Island you are received by the sanctuary caretakers. They will give you an informative talk about the project and the chimps. You get to enjoy spectacular views of Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary, and sight a number of birds such as Black-headed Weavers, Spur-winged Lapwings, African billed storks, Sacred Ibis, Egyptian goose, and Fish eagles. You could also sight some monitor lizards along the shore.

After one hour of enjoying the stunning island scenery and wildlife then comes the biggest highlight of the tour, the Chimpanzee experience. Get to a watching platform for a good view of the feeding area. The caretakers start throwing fruits and all the chimps surface to eat. The chimps are quite exciting, the way they grapple for food, interact with one another, beg for more and doing all sorts of funny things which are so similar to humans. It is no wonder Chimps share 98% genes with humans.

The exciting chimp experience lasts about one hour. Get to the speed boat and return to Entebbe.

Get to a restaurant for lunch and after which proceed to the Uganda Zoo (Uganda Wildlife Education Centre). The Uganda Zoo has most of Uganda's wildlife including lions, elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, rhinos, snakes, leopards, cheetahs, birds, and monkeys among others.

From the Zoo you are driven back to your hotel / residence or preferred drop-off point.

Tour inclusions

  • Transport - tour vehicle, drive, fuel, speedboat
  • Chimpanzee permit
  • Lunch
  • Bottled water
  • Access fees
  • Guide fees

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