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Mountaineering & Hiking in Uganda

Uganda and parts of Africa have experienced a lot of volcanic activity along the East African Rift Valley. This has left a miscellany of high peaks and beautiful scenery. Compared to other hiking destinations in Africa, the beautiful warm weather and spectacular scenery makes mountaineering and hiking in Uganda a unique and most rewarding experience of all.

There are hiking trails that accommodate even the inexperienced mountaineers while the experienced mountaineers will meet perhaps their most exiting challenge in climbing to the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains.

We organize successful and exciting mountaineering and hiking trips to all hiking spots in Uganda. Our hiking and mountain guides are well trained and possess years of experience in mountaineering and guiding.


Hiking Mountain Rwenzori

Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the Mountains of Moon are some of the highest mountain ranges in African. The mountain range measures approximately 120km long and 65km wide and has six permanently snow capped peaks the highest (Margherita) being about 5109m above sea level. The mountain ranges are highly rated by UNESCO as some of the world’s most interesting spots for mountaineering adventures. They were gazetted in 1991 as a tourist park and have since been graced by several mountaineers many of whom rate them the most challenging and interesting in Africa.

The Rwenzori Mountains have two well developed hiking trails, that is, the Central Circuit and the Mahoma Nature Trail. The Central Circuit lasts 7 days and is great for inexperienced and experienced mountaineers alike. At the end of this circuit you could proceed and ascend the main peaks of Margherita (5109), Speke (4889), and Luigi di Saviola (4626). This option is definately for experienced mountaineers. The Mahoma Nature Trail is only about 28km long loop-trail, starting and ending at the Nyakalengijo Gate of the national park. The trail traverses the lower slops of the mountains and could take 1-3 days of hiking. It is less strenuous than the Central Circuit and is ideal for trekkers and nature walks. A lot is seen during your hikes including different vegetation, rare plants, craters, rivers, birds and primates among others.

Hiking Mountain Elgon

The Elgon Mountains are a great hiking and mountaineering destination. The Mountains are situated in the far East on the Uganda Kenya border covering approximately 3500km2. The mountain is an extinct volcano with the largest surface area of any extinct volcano (50km x 80km) and have the widest intact caldera (flat top after the volcanic eruption). The mountain has two main trail heads which lead to the peaks. Sasa trail (Budadiri trailhead) is the most easily accessible from Mbale and is the most direct to the peaks. It passes through the park’s largest area of bamboo forest. It is however steep and rugged climb of over 1600m on the first day. For a more gentle hike (660m first day) you may choose to ascend via Piswa trail. Along this trail you explore a vast Podocarpus forest, and excellent place for wildlife viewing. To reach the highest peak of Wagai it would take one 4-5days. During the hike you shall come across interesting features such as caves, waterfalls, vegetation, birds, and lots of wildlife.

Hiking Sabinyo, Mgahinga and Muhavura

These mountains are part of a chain of volcanoes that form the Virunga Mountains. They are situated in western Uganda along the Uganda, Congo and Rwanda border. Though not as challenging as the Rwenzori and Elgon mountains, they offer most breathtaking views. Each of these mountains can be hiked in one day.



For multiday hiking expeditions, accommodation is in huts and tents at the different campsites along the hiking trails. We do provide the tents in case you do not have personal tent equipment.

Recommended Items

We recommend you carry these items with you: insect repellant, rain jackets, warm jackets, water proof hiking trousers, head caps, hand gloves, hiking boots, torch, water bottle, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, plate, cup, cutlery, and knife.

Mountain Climbing Equipment

For challenging hikes to the Rwenzori peaks we do provide the mountain climbing equipment.

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