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Sipi Falls

The Sipi Falls is the most beautiful waterfall in Uganda, found in the eastern region in the district of Kapchorwa, about 55km north of Mbale. The falls is a set of three waterfalls located at the foothills of Mountain Elgon. Many a time Sipi Falls is associated with only one of the three falls which is the tallest at about 100m and is the main waterfall. The other two are estimated to be about 75 and 85 meters high. This waterfall is one of the best attractions in Eastern Uganda. Not only the falls but the view of Mountain Elgon from up and the distant Karamoja plains disappearing from below is quite spectacular.

The atmosphere at Sipi is very soothing given the weather is much cooler than the rest of Uganda. It is a great place to escape way from the hustle and bustle of the stressful towns to chill out, relax and unwind. It is worth spending a night or two in this serene and peaceful place. There is number of lodges and campsites in the area offering a range of accommodation for all budgets.

Trekking to the waterfall is strenuous but one of the most fulfilling adventures you can do. The rainbow cutting through the falls, the breeze and the cool drops of water brushing on your skin feels like heaven. There are is a network of well maintained local trails, going through a pleasant countryside and offering great views of the scenery in each direction. The paths do get muddy and slippery on rainy days. On average the trek covers a distance of 7km. The Sipi Falls area is also used as the starting point for many hiking adventures up Mountain Elgon.

The Sipi Falls area is renowned for the growing of Bugisu Arabica Coffee. One can take a tour of the area to learn about coffee farming, processing and roasting.

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