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Terms and Conditions

To ensure that you get the most from your journey, please read the following information carefully. These details and conditions govern the purchase of travel arrangements through African Adventure travellers and form part of your agreement with us.

For bookings made by telephone, if you wish to query any part of your booking please contact your consultant within 7 days of the date shown on your booking form. In any event, queries must be made before the departure of your trip.


Deposits are non-refundable. Payment of a deposit enables African Adventure Travellers to hold a reservation for you but does not guarantee the fare. The fare can only be guaranteed once full payment is received by us and tickets and/or other travel documents have been issued. In the case of deposits paid to Adventure Travellers for the purpose of a tour, acceptance of the tours will be subject to the terms and conditions of the different service providers used. Please ask your consultant for details.


African Adventure Travellers will only issue or order your travel documents once full payment is received from you. African Adventure Travellers accept cash, wire transfer, and personal cheques. However, where payment is made by cheque and the cost of your purchase is greater than the cheque guarantee limit we will not, under any circumstances, order tickets or travel documents until at least 21days after receipt of the cheque from you. This is to allow funds to clear into our accounts.

Banks can re-present funds several times and evidence of funds being debited from your account is not confirmation that funds have been credited to African Adventure Travellers. You will be liable for any increase in fare which may occur in between cheques being presented to us ordering tickets or travel documents. We cannot accept payment by cheque for some types of ticket and your consultant will advise you if this is the case. African Adventure Travellers reserves the right to levy a charge to you and/or withhold or cancel your documents should your cheque bounce.

A booking is considered confirmed upon receipt of at least 50% or Full amount in our bank accounts or offices, the remaining balance shall always be paid 14-Days to the start of the safari.

Refund Policy

African Adventure Travellers will refund 100% of the deposit if we cancel your trip,and the following cancellation terms follow upon cancellation by a client.

  • More than 60 days before arrival-10%
  • 30 days or less before arrival-25%
  • 14 days before arrival-50%
  • 7 days or less before arrival-75%
  • 48 hrs or less before arrival-100%


  • Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkey Permits are 100% non refundable.
  • No refunds shall be made for any activity cancelled and or not done by any client.
  • Your trip shall be postponed in case of any pandemic like Covid,Ebola and no money shall be lost.

African Adventure Travellers cannot accept liability or responsibility for any alteration, delay or cancellation caused by war or threat of civil war, civil strife, natural disaster, terrorism, industrial disputes, fire bad weather, sickness, act of government or public authorities or other circumstances amounting to force majeure and/or Acts of God.

NOTE: In an event of refunding your money after following the cancellation policy, African Adventure Travellers will deduct 50USD of your money as a Bank charge used in sending your money back.

Methods of Payment

We do accept wire transfers or Bank to Bank payments which take 3-4 working days for the money to get into our account. Details of the Bank account are shown below. AND, we also accept Credit Card payments where we send you an e-payment link to use your credit card. NOTE, this payment system attracts a 3.5% charge on the Total amount transferred as commission to the credit card company. If you wish to pay by credit card, kindly let us know so that we can send you a link.

We also accept payments using the POS system. For those in Uganda, you can come direct to our offices to make the payments or we can reach out to you at your hotel/residence with our machine and for those out of Uganda you will be required to send in your card details for the transactions to be processed.

Date Changes

Any date changes which can be made to your purchase(s) by African Adventure Travellers will always be communicated by email, Phone or fax and this should be mainly as a result of changes from service providers. Some changes on other types of ticket or booking can only be made through the airline or supplier direct. African Adventure travellers have no control over other fees which may be charged by an airline or supplier as these will be charged at their own tariffs.


If you have any queries regarding accommodation with which you have been provided, you should bring this attention to the hotel or hostel management immediately at the hotel or hostel. African Adventure Travellers cannot look into any queries if you have not brought them to the attention of the hotel or hostel management.


Travel insurance is a vital part of your arrangements and African Adventure Travellers strongly recommends that you have taken out adequate travel insurance for the entire duration of your itinerary.


You need a valid passport for your travel to Uganda. It is a Common requirement that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the date you intend to depart from Uganda.

Visas and Other Travel Documents

You should contact the Ugandan Embassy/Mission in your country of residence for the most up to-date advice on visa and travel requirements.

The issuance of a confirmation letter from African Adventure Travellers does not necessarily mean that you will be granted a visa from the Ugandan Embassy/Mission. In such instances, where you are obliged to cancel (part of) an itinerary if you are not granted a visa, cancellation of your ticket or other travel arrangements will still be subject to the supplier or Adventure Travellers Cancellation or administration fees.

Other Conditions

The conditions applicable to any travel booked through African Adventure Travellers are covered in the brochure of the service providers, any tickets they have issued and documents. African Adventure Travellers only acts in the capacity of Agents for the operators in all matters of transportation, tour operation and other services. All tickets receipts, tickets, vouchers, coupons or exchange orders are issued subject to the terms and conditions under which transportation and other services are provided. For licensable bookings, is with African Adventure Travellers Ltd.

African Adventure Travellers and/or associated Companies or Agents assume no responsibility for accidents or injury that may be caused to a person/property. However caused or arising during any tour during it’s management, sponsorship, procurement or otherwise. The service providers/firms shall be exempt from all liabilities in respect of any detentions, delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury however and by who’ever and of whatever kind occurring of or to the passenger at any time when the passenger at time when the passenger is not on board the carrier or conveyance used or operated by the transportation companies or firms concerned shall constitute the sole contract between the transportation companies or firms and the purchaser  of these tours and/or passengers.

African Adventure Travellers cannot accept liability or responsibility for any alteration, delay or cancellation caused by war or threat of civil war, civil strife, natural disaster, terrorism, industrial disputes, fire bad weather, sickness, act of government or public authorities or other circumstances amounting to force majeur and/or Acts of God.

African Adventure Travellers shall not accept liability or take resposibility due to a breakdown of the vehicle’s accessories like Radio,AC,window sliding caused by bad road. The driver shall only do his best to fix the broken item.

I have read and understood the conditions governing the purchase of travel services from African Adventure Travellers Ltd.

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