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Best Places to Chill Out and Relax After a Uganda Safari

Ssese Islands, Lake Victoria

The Ssese islands are an enchanting chain of 84 Islands in the northwestern area of Lake Victoria in Uganda. Uganda may not have an ocean but is surely well compensated with the presence Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria stretches between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It is the world’s second largest lake and with it comes lots of opportunities to relax and chill out at the beautiful sandy beaches, do boat cruises on the lake, eat some well prepared fresh fish especially Tilapia and Nile Perch and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the island.

The Islands are fast developing into a favorite get away point for many travelers to relax after the traditional Uganda safaris that usually involve extraneous treks and long drives. Beautiful resort beaches have been set up and a variety of accommodation is available for visitors  to chose from ranging from budget to luxury travelers. All in all it is a perfect place to end your safari in Uganda.

The Island is accessible by a ferry from Nakiwongo, Entebbe. It is a relaxing cruise of three  to about four hours to the Islands.

Lake Bunyonyi

This magical, mystic  lake is the epitome of relaxation. Its located in southwestern Uganda and is a perfect place to relax and unwind after the extraneous gorilla trek in Bwindi. Lake Bunyonyi is dotted with 29 islands all covered in lush green. Its also the second deepest lake in Africa and is known to be totally bilharzia free and safe from water predators such as the hippos and crocodiles – perfect for swimming.

Lake Bunyonyi – which translates to “small birds” – is surrounded by highly terraced slopes covered in green. The temperatures are quite moderate, and the atmosphere is mostly misty and cool. Lonely Planet compares its scenery to one of the scenes in the hit movie “Lord of the Rings” and many travelers have compared its experience to that of Switzerland. It is such are great place to relax and chill out after your adventures across the country.

Swimming and canoeing are the major activities on the lake, though it is highly advised to desist from swimming the entire length of the lake due to its enormous depth which has taken lives.

A range of accommodation is available for travelers, both budget and luxury travelers are accommodated.

River Nile, Jinja

The Nile is punctuated by a series of white water rapids and number of small islands covered with lush vegetation creating such an amazing scenery.  Looking at birds darting across the water, watching the fishermen spread their nets, smelling the sweet scents emitted from the surrounding plants and listening to the gushing waters of the might Nile as it makes its way from Lake Victoria in such a quiet and serene atmosphere is so fulfilling especially after activity filled safari around the country. A range of accommodation is available along the river banks and on the small Islands on the river, the most notable is Bulago Island.

Boat services are available to do a ride around the source of the Nile and appreciate the source of this phenomenon that troubled many European explorers.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island is approximately 40 hectares large Located in Lake Victoria, 23 kilometers offshore from Entebbe. The Island is predominantly forest and is a host to a variety of wildlife including several bird species such as the cattle egrets, reptiles such as the monitor lizard, butterflies, and lots of shrubs and trees.The Island was turned into a chimpanzee sanctuary to provide a safe haven to orphaned chimpanzees. Currently the Island has over 40 chimpanzees which roam freely on the Island and protected by a wire fence.

With its serene location away from noise and pollution, the Island is a favorite spot to go and relax and appreciate what nature as got to offer in beautiful birds singing sweet melodies, the cool whispering breeze blowing across Lake Victoria to the Island, and a beautiful scenery of a variety of wildlife. Its a great choice to relax after a safari adventure.

A range of accommodation facilities are in place for travelers that chose to spend more than a day at the Island.

Mabira Forest

Mabira is the largest rainforest in central Uganda. This lush rainforest is endowed with lots of tree species, several monkey species, butterflies and numerous small animals. It is located along the Kampala – Jinja highway and is a perfect chill away from the noisy and dusty urban centers around the central Uganda. You can chill at the balcony of Mabira Rainforest Lodge, read a book, take swim or do nature walk in the forest and savor the sites and sounds of the forest plus the sweet scents emitted by an array of plants. The Mabira Rainforest Lodge is situated  a short distance from the highway and is less than an hours drive from Kampala.

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