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Best time to visit Uganda

When to visit Uganda for a Safari Holiday

Uganda is situated along the Equator, and enjoys a tropical climate with very little temperature variations throughout the year. There are 2 seasons, the wet and the dry season. When planning your trip, the main factor in determining your timing will be the pattern of rainfall during the wet season. In the south the wettest month is April with rainy seasons stretching from April to May and October to November. The wet season in the north is from April to October with the rest of the year fairly dry with lower humidity.

During the dry season there are occasional rainfalls scattered around the country. Traveling is easier in the dry the season and animals in game parks are much more visible given the grass is short. Also animals tend to hide during the rain season and sometimes migrate to warmer areas. For birders however, bird activity is much higher during the wetter months when most of the breeding takes place.

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