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Florida – A great holiday destination‏

With the vast selection of fantastic European holiday destinations offering a broad range of activities, sites and services, it may be hard to imagine booking a holiday anywhere else! With travel also being fairly nice and quick within Europe, you may be asking yourself ‘is it worth travelling long distances to explore and experience somewhere else in the world?’ and of course, we would answer Absolutely!

When treating yourself and the family to a holiday, there’s nothing better than finding that special place that really makes your holiday a thing to remember. Discovering new locations and trying out new things can be magical and with a vast selection of places to choose from across the world, you will definitely be spoilt for choice when trying to make that oh-so-important decision!

Florida is a prime example of a fantastic destination to choose and one of the best in the whole of the United States! Located on the southeastern tip of the US, Florida is home to many magical sites and attractions, from simple beaches to the awe-inspiring Universal Studios theme park where you can feel a part of the movies by taking a ride on the many ‘into the movie’ rides where you will be able to experience some fun (and scary) experiences from some of the best movies ever made! Another great attraction that is both fun and educational is the Kennedy Space Centre, where you will be able to discover what is actually takes to become and astronaut and how they get into space! Which is an absolute must see! Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa Bay is also another must see, where you will also be able to view different selections of animals and watch the fantastic water shows! For the golf enthusiast, there is also an impressive selection of golf courses throughout Florida that will no doubt keep you entertained, but you may not have time to play them all!

With all of the brilliant attractions to visit, make sure you don’t forget to take it easy and chill out on one of the gorgeous beaches Florida has to offer. Miami beach is without a doubt one of the best beaches on offer and although it can get a little crowded during the spring break period, there will still be plenty of room for all to work on that tan and try out some of the very popular water sports including off shore diving, para gliding, snorkelling and jet skiing!

Florida really is an amazing destination to visit when planning your 2012 holiday, so to find out more and discover our fantastic holiday deals visit Sunmaster and book your break today!

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