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Kasenge Forest – another Birding Hotspot on the Kampala – Jinja Higway

Located 30km on the Kampala – Jinja highway & 3km off the road, Kasenge Forest is a privately owned natural forest in Mukono District. Situated in an area that has been heavily deforested for settlement and other ventures, the forest has been protected and has had a steady uninterrupted growth for the last 40 years.

It has remained a vital habitat for a range of wildlife protecting lots of birds, butterflies, tree species, monkeys, snakes and small animals such as squirrels and genets.

Birding at Kasenge Forest

A whooping 200 species of birds have been recorded at the forest, including some specials that are hard to find anywhere else in Uganda. It is another great spot for forest birding on the Kampala – Jinja highway, in addition to Mabira rainforest.

At the edge of the forest is a small lake (large swamp), a great spot for some water/forest species and an excellent start to the bird watching adventure. Alternatively, you could establish the trail along the dirt road to Kasenge and start off with some garden species.

The African Grey Parrot is common and conspicuous here, one bird that is very hard to find anywhere else in Uganda. The Giant KingfisherWoodland Kingfisher and Great Blue Turaco are commonly sighted on the trees at the edge of the small lake. Madagascar Bee-eater and Common Bulbul are seen on dead trees and vantage points into the forest. Scan around the swamp, the edge of the forest and finally get onto to a neat trail into the forest. More birds you could sight or hear include Little Sparrow Hawk, Lizard BuzzardToro Olive GreenbullOpen-billed StorkAfrican Pied HornbillSlender-billed Greenbull, Scaly FrancolinSuperb SunbirdYellow-mantled Weaver, and more. Allow up to 3 hours for a big checklist.

Getting to Kasenge Forest

It is located about 30km from Kampala along the Kampala – Jinja Highway. Drive for close to one hour, get to Mbalala trading center and take the right turn and drive for 3km towards the Stirling Stone Quarry, turn to the left and arrive at the forest.