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Sports Fishing In Uganda: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sports Fishing In Uganda: Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are a true sport fisher you will go to great lengths to get your hands on what’s at the end of that fishing rod, especially if it’s a majestic Nile Perch, straight out of the pristine waters of Ugandan Nile. Catching a 200 kg Nile Perch is a life changing event, even if it means saving for years and planning for months in advance to sort airplane tickets, visa, Manchester airport parking, money issues, accommodation, itinerary and equipment… One thing is guaranteed: your efforts will be 100% rewarded.

Water Based Tourism In Uganda

If you are an adventure sports aficionado into sports fishing, kayaking and rafting, you will be happy to learn that 25% of Uganda is covered by water with 350 fish species roaming Ugandan water bodies. In February 2012 AllAfrica reported that the National Investment Policy on Aquaculture Parks in Uganda will be increasing the value of aquaculture production from 90, 000 tonnes (that’s $180 million in value!) to 300, 000 tonnes by 2016. Farm fishing is developing rapidly, and the popularity of fishing safaris in Uganda is rising (together with the prices), so doing research and learning as much as you can beforehand may help you schedule the best trip at the minimal price.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the entire world as well as the second largest freshwater lake by surface area. Lake Victoria also supports the largest inland fishery in all of Africa. The lake features many isles with the Sesse Group being the most frequently visited. The isles boast beautiful health resorts and sightseeing.


Niloticus, Tilapia spp., Haplochromis spp., Labeo victorianus, Alestes baremose, Clarias spp., Bagrus docmac, Protopterus aethiopicus, Barbus, Scibe.

Lake Albert

Lake Albert is one of the Great African Lakes and is 5,300 km² in area, with a maximum depth of 51 metres. It features swampy areas at the southern end of the lake.


Alestes baremose, Lates niloticus, Hydrocynus forskalli, Clarias lazera, Mormyrus kanume, Polypterus sp., Tillapia spp., Citharinus cithanus, Barbus spp., Distichodus niloticus.

Lake Edward

Lake Edward is the smallest of the Great African Lakes with an area of 2,325 km2. The lake is abundant with fish, with over 50 species of Haplochromis, only 8 of which are formally described.


Bagrus docmac, Sarothelodon niloticus, S. leucostictus, Haplochromis spp., Hemihaplochromis multicolur, Schutzia eduardiana.

Lake Kyoga

Lake Kyoga is a shallow lake with a maximum depth of about 5.7 meters and is 1,720 km2 in area. The lake is covered with water lilies in areas less them 3 metres deep. Crocodiles abound in the lake, as well as 46 species of fish.


Lates niloticus, Synodontis victoriae, Engraulicypris argentus, Barbus kiogae, Tilapia esculenta, T. variabilis, Mormyrus kanumme, Clarias mossambicus, Schilbe mystus, Haplochromis macrodon.

The Nile

Besides fishing in Murchison Falls National Park, the Nile offers multiple water adventure sports opportunities, such as kayaking and whitewater rafting.

Kayaking on the White Nile offers drastic variations from the almost tranquil Class II to fast-flowing Class V rapids. The Class VI rapid is called Hypoxia, and it’s something for each dedicated kayaker to try out.

Whitewater rafting on the Nile features the extremes of exploding through majestic walls of whitewater to drifting peacefully in warm green pools. The sunshine is never ending and the water is at a heavenly 27°C.

The Planning

You can plan your fishing safaris by yourself or opt for ready-made packages. If you are a beginner in recreational fishing, Uganda safaris can provide a rare chance to master your skills in the ancient waters of African wilderness. If you are a seasoned professional, you may take this chance to experience sports fishing like you have never seen it before. Considering the demand in Uganda fishing safaris it is best to start planning well in advance.

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