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The Big Birding Day 2103, Connecting People to Birds and Nature

Spearheaded by NatureUganda, the Big Birding Day is an annual bird watching contest where bird watchers, be it experienced, learners, or enthusiasts, register groups and each group selects a particular birding site in Uganda.Lead by two expert bird guides from NatureUganda, each group sets off to bird their respective selected birding site that could be anywhere in Uganda. The aim of each group is to generate the biggest bird checklist within 24 hours of the Big Birding Day. The biggest check list is definitely the winner. African Adventure Traveller’s birder, Sande David, was part of the Mabira Rainforest Group and reported to have recorded close to 100 species

This year’s Big Birding Day was launched on the 18th October 2013 at the Uganda Museum and the groups started on their check lists by the midnight of 19th October 2013. NatureUganda is to verify the lists and announce the winning check list at the Birding Day Festival on 26th October 2013 at Kitante Primary School.

According to NatureUganda – the pioneers of this event, the objectives of the Big Birding Day are: updating the species list for birds in Uganda, and promoting avian tourism in Uganda.

Currently at 1065 bird species, almost half of Africa’s birds, there is no doubt that Uganda is a birding paradise.

Compared to other nature adventures like gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris, bird watching tourism in Uganda has not been harnessed to its potential. The Big Birding Day is one such initiative aimed at promoting bird watching locally among the private tourism sector and also interest the local populace in the conservation of birds and their habitats.

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