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Ways to Volunteer in Uganda

To many people the world over, Africa is where all sorts of problems are found. The international media has played the leading role in creating this problematic African image. To many, Africa is about conflicts, poverty, diseases, HIV/AIDS, famine, hunger, and epidemics to mention but a few. This image has created such a negative impact that some people believe African problems are insolvable.

Uganda being at the heart of Africa is obviously not spared from this negativity, if anything; it is actually one of the most affected. The dark past of civil wars and the HIV/AIDS epidemic still haunts Uganda, in spite of being one of the most naturally gifted countries on the African continent.

Far from the global mentality of hopelessness and failure, there is a lot of hope and so many success stories on ground in Africa and Uganda in particular. There are lots of projects and innovations that are working to rehabilitate the conflict affected areas, alleviate poverty and hunger, cater for orphaned kids and street children, avert epidemics and improve on the general welfare of the people, and create awareness among the masses to overcome social, economical and political challenges.

However challenges still exist and there is a need for increased logistical and human resource support. These projects and innovations need to be scaled up or replicated in order to continue to register undeterred progress. One of the ways one can contribute is through volunteering. Among the volunteer projects one can consider include:

  •          Child care volunteering
  •          Teaching volunteering
  •          Repair and construction
  •          Medical volunteers
  •          Work with the elderly
  •          Grass roots development
  •          Rehabilitating street children
  •          Sharing professional skills
  •          Social welfare development
  •          Sports coaching
  •          Environmental conservation

Uganda the Pearl of Africa is one of the most naturally gifted countries on the African continent. It is blessed with incredible natural scenery, a diversity of wildlife, and rich variety of tribes and cultures. It is Africa’s most appealing and friendly countries. Students and professionals looking to volunteer in Africa, Uganda should be your number one option. Your volunteer-ship shall be filled with lots of adventure and experiences that you shall forever cherish.

For adventure travelers looking to travel to Uganda, a volunteer-ship is a great way to contribute to the steady development of the country.

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